Part of the joy of the two-wheeled lifestyle is working on our motorcycles. There’s something satisfying about doing maintenance, repair, and restoration work yourself, even if doing so doesn’t result in a perfect finish. On top of that, we get to save some money in the process. Needless to say, like all things in life, wrenching on bikes is a learning process, and takes lots of time and skill.

Personally, with a garage consisting entirely of modern motorcycles, I don’t find myself wrenching on my bikes all too often, save for the periodic oil change, brake pad replacement, and whatnot. My friends who own classic bikes, on the other hand, seem to be working on their never-ending projects incessantly. I live vicariously through them, and of course, the multitude of satisfying restoration videos you can find on YouTube.

Watch This Rusty 1960s Jawa Undergo Meticulous Restoration

Speaking of which, a recent video posted on YouTube by a channel called Rescue Story has had me watching it over and over again. The video shows the meticulous restoration process of a rusty old 1960s Jawa, and the detailed step-by-step procedures needed to bring it back to its former glory. The bike is obviously in terrible shape, and looks like it’s been exposed to the elements for years. The video is curated in a very satisfying, ASMR style, so it makes for some easy watching, even if it’s more than 20 minutes long.

As with all restoration videos, it starts with a complete teardown of the bike. After each and every single part has been dismantled, the builder goes on to work on the engine, where the crankcases are dismantled. The cylinder head and other parts of the engine are then given a thorough clean with a variety of chemicals, and then painted and finished to look brand new. The engine is then put back together, looking as fresh as it did back when it was brand new.

Watch This Rusty 1960s Jawa Undergo Meticulous Restoration
Watch This Rusty 1960s Jawa Undergo Meticulous Restoration

What I found particularly interesting was the restoration of the fuel tank. Once it was taken apart, it was clear that it was in terrible condition thanks to the sheer amount of rust that had built up. While other people would resort to sourcing a replacement tank in better condition, Rescue Story, as its name suggests, decided to rescue it. There were quite a lot of procedures involved – from removing all the rust, to buffing the bare metal surfaces, and handling a couple of dents and dimples. One of the coolest parts just has to be the D.I.Y. chrome plating they did on the tank garnishes.

The video concludes with a bunch of beauty shots of the fuel tank, strangely surrounded by nature as if it were some sort of wild animal. It seems that the whole bike isn’t finished yet, as the video only shows the restoration of the engine and fuel tank. This leaves the frame, wheels, suspension, and pretty much everything else still left to cover.

Indeed, restoration projects like this can take months, if not years to complete. As such, the saying “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” really applies here. I’ll be sure to check back once the rest of the build has been shared. In the meantime, check out Rescue Story’s YouTube channel for a bunch of other satisfying restoration projects.

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