Moto Morini CEO Alberto Monni recently sat down with the folks at Italian motorcycling publication Moto.It. In the interview, Monni highlighted the company’s plans for the future, which seem to be very interesting. More specifically, it appears that the brand is focusing on the V-twin configuration – an interesting move, as more and more manufacturers have been turning to the more compact and affordable parallel-twin.

Not long after the interview, our friends at Motorrad Online caught a snippet in the video of a slide showcasing Moto Morini’s intended model lineup leading up to 2025. Whether or not this “leak” was really a leak, or something that was intentionally shown by Monni to give a teaser of what the brand has in store is up for debate. Regardless of the intention, it makes one thing clear as day: there are big things in store from Moto Morini.

Moto Morini Is Reportedly Working On A Bunch Of New V-Twin Models

We already know that Moto Morini has plans to launch the X-Cape 1200 at EICMA 2023. However, on top of this, a smaller 750cc V-Twin engine is in the works, and will be fitted onto a sporty naked bike, according to reports. Said naked bike could bear a resemblance to the muscular Moto Morini Corsaro, albeit sporting a smaller, more tractable engine. Furthermore, Moto Morini is anticipated to release a “modern classic” powered by the same V-Twin engine of the X-Cape 1200. We need not look far to draw similarities with a previous model from the brand, as the Moto Morini Milano, sold from 2018 to 2020, matches the description to a tee.

Moto Morini Is Reportedly Working On A Bunch Of New V-Twin Models

Apart from the naked bike and retro-modern segments, Moto Morini is also anticipated to enter the cruiser market. If you take a look at the leaked slide, you’ll notice two models under the “Bobber/ Dragster” category. One of which is draped in a red blanket, while the other one is shown as a low-slung cruiser with a sporty headlight cowl and a cropped tail. The one covered is categorized under the “V2 1200” segment, while the sporty bobber model is categorized “V2 750N.” Speaking of which, there’s also an adventure-enduro bike in the V2 750N category, something that looks poised to rival the likes of the Yamaha T7 and Honda Transalp 750.

Moto Morini is also expected to release so-called “heavy middleweight” V-twin models rocking a 925cc V-twin engine. The range comprises three models – an adventure-tourer with 17-inch wheels, a naked bike, and what looks like a fully faired sportbike model.

Moto Morini Milano Red

In terms of performance, we can expect some pretty impressive performance figures from Moto Morini’s new engines. The new 750cc V-twins are anticipated to crank out about 75 to 80 horsepower – at par with the industry’s standard when it comes to motors of this capacity. The middle-of-the-road 925cc engine, on the other hand, is expected to crank out about 100 ponies. Lastly, the larger 1,200cc V-Twin is expected to crank out in excess of 120 horsepower.

With all that on the table, it’s important to note that nothing here can be confirmed as upcoming models from Moto Morini. It could very well be that Alberto Monni intentionally let this slide leak so as to build anticipation around the brand leading up to EICMA 2023, and indeed, that’s exactly what’s happening. What does the Italian brand have in store for us? We’ll have to wait until EICMA to know for certain.

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