It goes without saying that the motorcycle lifestyle goes beyond just hitting the road on two wheels. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to spot a diehard two-wheeler lover in a crowd just by looking at the shirt they’re wearing, the bag they're holding, or the shoes on their feet. Indeed, the motorcycle-related apparel industry – separate from the gear industry – is huge, as motorcycle brands need to catch people’s attention off the streets, as well.

That being said, the newest thing to hit the fashion world comes to us from KTM, with a collaboration with sports brand Puma. Puma is no stranger to working with motorsports brands, as it had previously released shoes with the likes of Husqvarna, Ducati, BMW, and even Ferrari. Now, with the launch of the KTM Powerwear Replica Team shoes, the brand caters to fans and enthusiasts of Team Orange looking to rep the brand off the bike.

KTM Joins Forces With Puma For New Replica Team Shoes

At this point, it shouldn’t need mentioning that the KTM Powerwear Replica Team Shoes are not certified for motorcycle riding. They’re sneakers that obviously don’t come with any protective features to keep you safe in the event of a crash. Instead, KTM describes them as the “perfect balance of comfort and durability,” as they’re ideal for hitting the streets on foot, walking to the paddock on race day, or attending the afterparty once the racing has ended.

When it comes to styling, the KTM Powerwear Replica Team Shoes are very orange – something you’d come to expect from a KTM product. They boast KTM’s most recent colorway consisting of orange with a dash of blue. The blue accents take the form of subtle striping on the sides, as well as the sole, which is flanked by orange inserts at the bottom. The KTM logo is prominently shown on the outer portion of the toe box, while the Puma logo is displayed on the inner portion.

As for pricing and availability, the new KTM Powerwear Replica Team Shoes are available on multiple online platforms, including authorized KTM e-commerce platforms in multiple markets. In the UK, for instance, they retail for £126.50 via KTM Direct. Meanwhile, European sites like KTM’s online shop in Germany, sell them for 136.55 Euros.

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