Edition 23 of the Brabus Beast is going east, to Japan, this August 2023. The Brabus 1300 R, is a luxury motorbike (as the brands put it) that is as beautiful as it is brutal, and the Japanese market will get a few units from the 290 production run. 

KTM and Brabus made the announcement back in 2023, on February 13 to be exact. Brabus is known for making ridiculously brutal cars, and KTM is known for making ridiculously brutal bikes, so the collaboration was as fitting as it was inevitable. When the brands announced the production run, we all knew that all 290 units would be snatched up instantly. 

As such, it’s interesting to see that 25 out of the 290 bikes will be heading to Japan. Autoby reports that the 1300 R will be making its way east by August 2023. No exact date has been announced yet, but the bikes will be for sale for 5,700,000 JPY, or about $40,000 USD. 

Gallery: Brabus 1300 R Edition 23 - Japan

Two colors will be available for the Brabus 1300 R, Super Black, and Stealth Gray, but the source did not state how many Super Black or how many Stealth Gray units will be distributed in the 25-unit allocation. Since ‘25’ is an odd number, one color will be rarer in Japan than the other. 

By this point, you might already know that the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Evo is the base bike that Brabus was given time to develop parts and performance bits for. The Beast sports a 1,301cc liquid-cooled four-stroke V-twin engine that punches out 177 horsepower KTM’s best effort in chassis engineering, and tech and safety features that tame the grunt of the LC8 engine. 

Brabus chimed in with carbon fiber, and other bespoke parts to achieve the fit and finish and the prestige that the aftermarket brand is known for. 

In summary, 25 units of the 1300 R are heading to Japan. The 177-horsepower beast is heading east, and all 290 are sold out. Where will the Brabus 1300 R end up next? 

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