If you’ve been reading our stuff, then chances are you’re no stranger to electric motorcycle manufacturer Ubco. For quite a few years now, the brand has been producing its off-road capable 2x2 range in a variety of configurations. Catering to both urban and rural dwellers, these electric bikes impress with their off-road capability and ease of use, particularly because of the fact that they’re rocking an electric motor on each wheel – hence 2x2.

As cool and capable as the Ubco 2x2 is, the fact of the matter is that it just doesn’t make financial sense for some people to fork up $,6,000 to $7,000 for this electric motorbike. Luckily, Ubco is allowing people to experience the fun and excitement of the 2x2 through its new bike rental shop, the first of which has just opened in Portland, Oregon, right outside the Moda Center on the Rose Quarter Campus. Dubbed the Bike Rental Hub, Ubco offers three of its 2x2 models for rent, allowing folks to embark on both quick rides around the city, as well as embark on longer adventures with these capable off-roaders.


More specifically, the Ubco 2x2 Special Edition is available for rent. This bike is filled to the brim with adventure-ready goodies including a rear luggage rack with a bag, and a central storage compartment for you to store your gear. It rolls on dual-purpose rubber, and can be taken both on and off road. This bike is best suited for overnight camping trips and off-road excursions to the countryside.

For the urban adventurer, meanwhile, Ubco also offers the 2x2 Adventure Bike for rent. Like the Special Edition, this bike features off-road capability, but strips down the accessories. You still get a front and rear luggage rack for extra convenience and dual-purpose tires for both on-road and off-road use. Lastly, the Ubco 2x2 Work Bike is the brand’s most rugged offering. It’s differentiated by its use of knobby tires, so it’s strictly an off-road-only model. It still gets front and rear luggage racks, but no rear-view mirrors.

UBCO Opens New Bike Rental Hub In Portland, Oregon

Across all three models, Ubco offers its rentals at a very attractive price. Those looking to get a quick taste of what these bikes can offer only need to pay $20 for a one-hour ride. Meanwhile, those looking to go a bit further only need to fork up $60 for a four-hour ride. Lastly, Ubco offers an overnight package, where riders pick up the bike at 9AM and return in at 9AM of the following day, for $100.

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