If we focus our attention over to the Indian market, we’ll see that there’s a rapidly growing demand for electric scooters. More and more, electric power is replacing the internal combustion engine, especially when it comes to personal urban mobility. We’re seeing this in the popularity of electric scooters like the Ather 450X, Vida V1, and of course, the S1 from Ola Electric.

It goes without saying that Ola Electric is one of the major disruptive forces in the EV two-wheeler scene. In fact, you could even say that other models, such as the Vida V1 by Hero MotoCorp, as well as the more affordable Ather 450S, were built in response to Ola’s affordable, yet tech-laden nature. Nevertheless, Ola Electric continues its pursuits in providing affordable electric mobility for Indian commuters, as it has just announced the launch of the more accessible Ola S1 Air scooter on July 28, 2023.


Like as the name suggests, the S1 Air is like a lite-version of the standard Ola S1, so it gets the same basic foundations, though its tweaked to offer a much more utilitarian and basic riding experience. Nevertheless, it provides tech-savvy commuters an enticing option at a lower price, and all things considered, isn’t too devoid of technology.

Diving into its performance, the Ola S1 Air is powered by a rear hub motor with a peak power output of 4.5 kilowatts, or about 6 horsepower. This makes it extremely accessible to riders of all backgrounds, as well as a lightweight commuter for in-city duty. That being said, the scooter’s top speed of 55 miles per hour is its limiting factor, meaning it's at home mostly in the urban jungle, and not so much on the highway or open road.

New Ola S1 Air Makes Going Electric Even Cheaper

Speaking of the urban setting, the Ola S1 Air is equipped with an impressive array of amenities, chief of which just has to be the voluminous under-seat storage with 34 liters of capacity. It also features a newly designed grab handle for easy access and extra safety to pillion riders. Apart from these amenities, the S1 Air comes with a rather impressive tech package too, with a digital key that can be used to remotely unlock the scooter. Furthermore, the instrument cluster is fully digital, and even has a music player and speaker.

Ola Electric boasts that the new S1 Air has been tested for over 500,000 kilometers, ensuring that the scooter is more than capable of tackling the rigors of India’s less than ideal road conditions. Following a number of issues involving the Ola S1’s front suspension in previous years, it’s clear that Ola Electric is putting in the hours to ensure that customers are satisfied, and more importantly safe, aboard their electric scooters.

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