Maverick Viñales fans, ready your wallets and helmet racks because the RX-7X Maverick GP5 is on its way. Scheduled for a launch sometime in early September 2023, this red white, and blue lid with a big 12 at the back and Viñales’ name all over may just be the helmet you’ve been waiting for. 

Everyone knows about the RX-7X from Arai. The Japanese helmet company has been churning out RX-7s for quite a while now. The RX-7X is a Snell and JIS-rated helmet that sees a lot of action on track, and a lot of love all around the world. Apart from the two ratings stickered on in Japan, other models of the RX-7 (RX-7V Evo) also get FIM homologation, and also ECE 22.06 approval, making it one of the safest helmets lines in the world to collect the whole spectrum of standards. 

Priced at 72,600 JPY including tax (about $511 USD), this graphic is a replica design that the Spanish Aprilia Racing Team rider, Maverick Viñales, approves of and uses for his races, but minus the bigger spoiler at the back. 

The RX-7X is the latest version of the racing helmet in the Arai lineup for the general public in the brand’s home country of Japan. As mentioned, it’s rated Snell and JIS, and it comes in five sizes, extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large. For safety, the lid gets all the familiar trimmings that Arai is known for like the R75 shell, the PB-SNC 2 shell, the VAS shield system, and the hyper rib around the neckline. 

Arai RX-7X GP5 Maverick Viñales Graphic 2023

Apart from that, the helmet gets three massive vents on the top, the brow vents, the chin vent, and the multiple extractors toward the rear of the helmet. The aerofin reduces rear turbulence and smoothens the airflow toward the back of the helmet. 

On the inside, the RX-7X gets Arai’s Eco Pure interior, keeping things fresh and bacteria-free. Intercom compatibility is also a feature in this race-ready lid. 

If you’re a Viñales fan, check in with your local Arai dealer before or around September of this year. Arai has announced the release date in Japan, but worldwide availability may depend on where you live. 

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