How much of a diehard motorcyclist are you? Well, quite frankly, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you enjoy the two-wheeled lifestyle, you’re just as much of a motorcyclist as the next person, and just like all of us, you probably live and breathe motorcycles. By breathe, I mean literally, because now you can do just that with this selection of scented candles from none other than Motul.

Wait, what? Scented candles that smell like – gasoline? Well, not really, Motul has teamed up with Flying Tiger Motorcycles for an exclusive collection of MotoCandles that make your garage (or living room, or bedroom, hey we don’t judge) smell like your favorite racing engine oils. Like I said, if you love racing so much that you want your house to smell like a MotoGP or Supercross paddock then these candles are just for you.

Take The Thrill Of Racing Home With These Scented Candles From Motul
Take The Thrill Of Racing Home With These Scented Candles From Motul

Motul and Flying Tiger Motorcycles currently offer two race-winning fragrances for your home that cater to both road racing and off-road racing enthusiasts. The first of which is the Motul 300V Scented Candle. According to Motul, it’s “designed to capture the alluring fragrance of the company's race-proven motor oil.” To create this unique fragrance, actual Motul 300V is incorporated into the blend of this candle, for an authentic experience. This unique scented candle is made even more special with a container designed to look like a canister of the race-proven motor oil.

Up next, Motul has off-road fanatics covered with the Motul 800 2T Scented Candle. This time, the candle incorporates a soy wax blend with some actual Motul 800 2T motor oil added into the mx. Just like the 300V Candle, the 800 2T Candle also comes in a stylish oil canister, making for the perfect piece of decor for your garage or living room.

If you’re interested in adding these scented candles to your collection, you can check out Motul’s official website linked below. Each of these candles is priced at $40 USD, however, as of this writing, both the Motul 300V and 800 2T Scented Candles are out of stock.

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