Do you like to use Bluetooth communications units when you're out riding with friends? If you do, then Cardo Systems has some good news for you. As of July 11, 2023, Cardo is releasing its latest over-the-air software update, which works for all current 2023 Cardo devices (apart from the Packtalk Slim).

The good news? This update grants one of the biggest wishes that many users have: One-touch Bluetooth connectivity between your current Cardo device and current-generation BT comms units from Sena, Midland, and Uclear. Frustrating, complicated pairing procedures, Cardo says, are a thing of the past with this update.

“In a recent survey conducted with motorcycle communicator users across the globe, Intercom connectivity with other brands was one of the most popular suggestions from respondents when asked what could be done to improve their communication experience. We’ve always strived to offer our own customers more and with this update we’re able to offer more independence for our users and friends using devices from other major brands, giving much greater choice, freedom and flexibility," Cardo chief marketing officer Dan Emodi said in a statement.

Now, riders can use whatever current-generation Bluetooth communicator they choose, without having to give up a phone connection or sacrifice navigation or alternate Bluetooth device connectivity. One small caveat is that music sharing won't work over this connection, but it's certainly a more enticing prospect than the cross-brand Bluetooth communications battles of the past. 

If you have a current-gen Cardo communicator, all you have to do to get this update is download the latest software update via the Cardo Connect app on your smartphone. Once it's installed, you should be good to pair your Cardo unit with those of your friends, as long as they're using current-gen comms from one of the listed manufacturers.

When Bluetooth comms units first started to become prevalent, the idea seemed like a good one. The thing is, when riders get together, we usually want to ride, not spend half an hour trying to pair comms units simply because we chose different brands. I can ride my Honda with your Ducati, so why can't I easily, straightforwardly pair my Cardo with your Sena? Sure, there's Mesh, but that's not always the answer, either. Now, it seems that Cardo is addressing the Bluetooth connectivity complaint head-on, and it's about time.

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