Electric motorcycles have been growing in popularity in recent years, not only in terms of scooters and commuters, but also for off-road applications, too. Electric dirt bikes – enduros, trail bikes, and motocrossers, are particularly useful as they eliminate one of the biggest problems plaguing the world of powersports: noise. 

Thanks to the rapid development of technology surrounding electric motors and batteries, manufacturers are able to squeeze out pretty insane levels of performance from electric motors. Take, for example,the Pohlbock eBock2, an electric off-road platform with some really impressive performance. Built from the ground up by German enthusiasts Romano Pohl and Florian Bockstaller, the eBock2 is offered in three configurations consisting of enduro, motocoross, and supermoto. 

Cutting-Edge Off-Road Performance: Pohlbock eBock2 Electric Enduro

The bike makes use of a unique axial flow motor, which is known for its substantially higher torque output than a standard brushless electric motor. The way it works is slightly more complex, however, and so manufacturing costs are substantially more expensive. It employs two discs that are positioned next to each other, while coils and magnets face each other and provide the thrust. As these discs rotate, they generate quite a lot of torque. Some benefits include higher energy density, better cooling, and a narrower profile, making it ideal for motocross and enduro applications. 

On paper, this means that Pohlbock's eBock2 delivers performance akin to that of a 350cc four-stroke machine, with 30 kilowatts, or 41 horsepower, on tap. Even more impressively, the motor pumps out a staggering 160 Newton-meters of torque, or about 112 pound-feet. Top speed here is electronically limited to 62 miles per hour.

Cutting-Edge Off-Road Performance: Pohlbock eBock2 Electric Enduro

Interestingly, thanks to the high torque output of the motor, Pohlbock offers a unique rear engine brake configuration that makes use of the motor's torque output to slow the bike down. The motor brake is controlled via a hand lever, and is said to offer similar feel as that of a hydraulic brake. That being said, should riders opt for a more traditional braking system, a rear hydraulic disc brake can also be fitted. 

As for the battery, Pohlbock as pulled all the stops to ensure that the eBock2 is safe and minimizes hazards to both the users and the environment. It makes use of a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack which doesn't contain any cobalt, and doesn't burn even if damaged. On top of that, LFP batteries are known for producing a higher discharge current, and for having a higher number of charging cycles, thereby extending their service life. On top of that, Pohlbock's proprietary fast charging tech claims that a charge time of less than one hour is possible. 

Cutting-Edge Off-Road Performance: Pohlbock eBock2 Electric Enduro

Indeed, on paper, the Pohlbock eBock2 looks like a cutting-edge electric dirt bike that's all about performance. That being said, all that technology comes at a price. Starting at 15,999 Euros, the eBock2 commands quite a lot of money from even the most ardent of enthusiasts. On top of all that, the price tag can rise steeply as you deck it out in all sorts of techie features like the fast charger, bigger battery, optional rear braking system, and reverse gear.

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