In Asian countries like India electric two-wheelers, particularly scooters, are soaring in popularity. More and more, commuters are hitting the road on electric two-wheelers, reaping the benefits of zero emissions, low cost due to government subsidies, and virtually maintenance-free operation.

Back in 2020, Ather released what it called India’s first premium electric scooter, the 450X. While the electric scooter boasted premium features and technology, as well as a robust platform that proved to be reliable for daily commuting, it wasn’t exactly the most affordable model in the market. Ather was further challenger when Ola Electric hit the scene with its S1 scooter, more specifically the new S1 Air, which set a standard for affordable electric scooters.

In response to this, as well as to provide accessibility to its products to a wider audience, Ather has announced a new model that’s more affordable while retaining some of the premium tech features commuters have come to love in the Ather 450X. It’s called the 450S, and it retails for Rs 130,000, or the equivalent of about $1,577, per current exchange rates.

In terms of performance, the Ather 450S is markedly defined when compared to the 450X. For example, it offers shorter range at 115 kilometers (72 miles) on a single charge, as compared to the 450X’s 146 kilometers (91 miles). This is attributed ti a smaller battery which has a capacity of three kilowatt-hours, as against the 450X’s 3.75 kilowatt-hours. However, the 450S is expected to have the same top speed of 90 kilometers per hour (56 miles per hour) as that of its more premium sibling.

Ather To Target Entry-Level Market With New 450S Electric Scooter

As for the styling of the scooter, Ather has yet to reveal the 450S in all its glory. However, it did release a teaser of the scooter showing its gauge cluster. Expect the electric two-wheeler to be similar in design to its more expensive sibling, albeit with slight deviations to differentiate it. Ather is anticipated to open bookings for the new model in July, 2023, but delivery timelines have yet to be confirmed.

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