Kymco’s known for maxi scoots, which is a pretty big segment in Europe and the Taiwanese manufacturer is piling on the pressure with its new KRV200, a smaller-capacity model with a sporty and modern style that still retains top-level features from Kymco’s larger offerings. 

One of the brand’s most popular nameplates is the Kymco AK550. Even in other regions like South East Asia and in other territories in Europe, the AK series is quite the seller. Now the smaller-capacity KRV200 is a bit of a derivative of its larger siblings, in the sense that it keeps most of the modern styling that Kymco is known for, but in a more approachable and wallet-friendly package, but still with retained top-end tech and safety features. 

Kymco gave the KRV200 a set of keen eyes, thanks to LED optical units in the front that are shaped to match some of the larger scooters in the brand’s lineup. In terms of aesthetics, the KRV200 brings the aggressive and sporty nature of the AK series but shrunken down. The dimensions of this scooter come in at 1,400 millimeters for its wheelbase (55.12 inches), with a seat that is just 800 millimeters tall (31.50 inches). 

For its suspension, the KRV comes with a single shock at the rear that has up to 42 millimeters of travel, while the front telescopic fork has up to 33 millimeters of travel, or 1.65 inches and 1.30 inches, respectively. Stopping power is provided by a 270-millimeter (10.63 inches) disc in the front, and a 234-millimeter (9.21 inches) disc at the rear, both are governed by an ABS module. The tires on the KRV come in a 110/70/R13 size for the front and 130/70/R13 at the rear mounted on five-spoke alloy wheels—both tires are tubeless. 

Gallery: Kymco KRV200

The engine’s throttle is governed by a traction control system which is switchable via a button on the left-side switchgear array. The motor is a 175cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder, four-stroke, four-valve motor that punches out 17 horses at 8,000 RPM with 15.6 Newton meters (11.5 pound-feet) of torque. The engine sips from a 7.4-liter (1.95-gallon) tank, and Kymco claims that the scooter can achieve up to 33 kilometers per liter (about 77 miles per gallon). Top speed is also claimed to be 107 kilometers per hour or about 66.5 miles per hour. 

As for its other features, buyers can expect an LCD digital instrument cluster with a tachometer, speedometer, odometer, clock, fuel level, battery voltage, and coolant temperature indicators, a keyless ignition system, the aforementioned LED lights all around the bike, and also a USB charging socket. Practicality-wise, the KRV has just enough under-seat storage for a full-face helmet, or so Kymco claims, and it also has a mandatory bag hook—mandatory because it’s a scooter.  

Gallery: Kymco KRV200 Studio Shots

As for its sale price, the Kymco KRV200 is a complete and versatile scoot that can be used by A2 license-holders in Europe, and it’s also quite well-priced as well with a suggested list price of just 4,890 EUR, or about $5,285 USD given today’s exchange rates. In addition to the bike, Kymco will also offer a full lineup of accessories which include a Kymco K-Charge battery charger, a windshield, and top-box support. 

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