Vesrah is a Japanese brand that specializes in co-sintered brake pads. The company now has a new line of products that cater to the off-road market called the RJL-DX. 

Autoby reports that it’s been three years since rumors started popping up of off-road Vesrah brake pads, and now that rumor has finally come to light with a full lineup of products that cater to multiple brands, and not just Japanese ones. 

Vesrah Off Road Brake Pads

These pads are tuned for long-distance dirt rides, of course, known as enduro. The development process for Vesrah’s RJL-DX pads needed to fulfill a few things, which include quality, durability, and ease of use over long rides. These pads are co-sintered and ready to take on the trail, promise a light lever pull that stands up to enduro riding, and will work with the rider even as fatigue creeps in on the trail. According to Taisuke Mizukami translated from Japanese, “[the pads] work even if you don’t hold it firmly,” which is to say that a light lever pull is all you need to get the brakes to do their thing. 

Vesrah was able to make OEM sizes for dirt bikes from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, Husqvarna, Beta, Shero, and TM. Since GASGAS is also similar to KTM’s offerings in terms of hardware, these brake pads may also fit, but it would be important to do your research and find the appropriate bike that matches the part number.

The price of these pads, tax included, is pinned at ¥6,000 JPY, or about $45 USD. 

Vesrah Off Road Brake Pads

You can consult the source links down below for the complete list of models with pads available. Autoby and Vesrah both have their own lists, so check them out and match your bike's brake system with a set of new co-sintered pads from Vesrah. Take note that the front and rear sets are sold separately. 

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