Jet helmets are great for retro racers, scooters, or even cruisers. For riders who dig the open-face look and feel, Nexx has a new lid for you to check out. 

The Nexx Y.10 Sunny, is new for the Portuguese motorcycle helmet company. This helmet will feature the brand’s latest and greatest tech, features, and materials—given the price point and application—and the latest and greatest styling from the Nexx house. From retro helmets to all-out carbon lids, the company has a wide array that fits any rider, whether on a sportbike, cruiser, or retro racer

Nexx Y.10 Sunny Jet Helmet
Nexx Y.10 Sunny Jet Helmet

Starting off with the shell, Nexx utilizes its Polyfusion shell, which is said to be “compact” and offers outstanding fit and comfort, according to Nexx. There are two shell sizes across the range, extra-extra small to large will have one shell, then extra large to extra-extra large will have another shell. 

The next feature will leave you wide-eyed, perhaps literally, as Nexx advertises a wide visor that gives riders a sense of openness inside the helmet perfect for urban exploration or simple commuting. Behind the main visor is a tinted sunvisor that’s now advertised to be “ultra-wide.” Deployment and retraction are handled by a tab on the lens, and not an external switch, leaving it a two-step process to put up or down if you have the main visor in its down position. 

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Other than that, however, the Nexx Y.10 is a very sedate motorcycle helmet with smooth lines that don’t scream sporty, and classy styling that can fit almost any motorcycle or scooter. The urban design also accounts for ventilation in the form of a top vent that’s open and closable with a middle-of-the-road setting in between. 

The cheek pads are removable, the buckle is a micrometric system, and it’s also ready for comms devices with speaker cutouts that can fit drivers that are up to 45 millimeters in diameter. 

As for its safety rating, it’s an ECE 22.06-homologated helmet that meets all the necessary requirements for shell integrity, impact attenuation, and also visor strength and durability.  

Suggested retail price: 189.99 EUR, or about $209 USD given current exchange rates. Given Nexx’s reputation in the market as a premium helmet marquee manufacturer, however, the new model deserves at least a look, and it’s also available in a myriad of colors, as seen on Nexx’s website. 

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