Harley-Davidson can be a polarizing brand. Just scan the comment section of any Harley-focused article or video for proof. Whether you pledge undying loyalty to the Bar and Shield or despise the Motor Company for fostering a bad boy image, there are more gray zones if you take a closer look. YouTuber Chaos Causes, a self-proclaimed Harley hater, did just that when he purchased a 2018 Street Rod 750.

For context, the content creator craves all things performance, with the Yamaha MT-09, YZ250, and Husqvarna FS 450 making frequent cameos on his YouTube channel and Instagram profile. The Street Rod 750 couldn’t be further from those models. On the other hand, it isn’t exactly welcomed within the cruiser community either.

Originally introduced at EICMA 2013, the Street 750 model hit Harley’s lineup the following year, in 2014. The Street Rod 750 joined the range in 2017, sporting a 68-horsepower Revolution X 60-degree V-twin and styling catering to café racer-obsessed hipsters. The variant’s 43-millimeter inverted fork and 17-inch wheelset only reinforced its sporty ambitions. Nevertheless, Harley-Davidson discontinued the Street family in January, 2021, citing poor sales as the driving factor.

While some critics may point to the model’s India-based manufacturing as another culprit, the Street’s intended audience arguably prizes American-made goods less than diehard Harlistas. In support of that claim, Chaos Causes gravitated toward the Street as opposed to the brand’s Sportster, Softail, or Touring offerings. That doesn't mean he was bashful about calling out his gripes, criticizing everything from the pesky alarm system to the 30 logos branded on the bike to the questionable performance-oriented rear shocks.

Still, the experience exposed the video creator to common misconceptions such as brand gatekeeping and overpriced parts. Even if Chaos Causes intends to sell the Street Rod 750 by the end of the runtime, he also acknowledges that the model imbued him with a new appreciation for Harley-Davidson – and dispelled his polarizied view of the brand.

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