Personally, I find that modified Harleys are so much more visually appealing than the showroom models we’re currently offered. Custom jobs build on the brand’s recognized powertrains and elevate the look, adapting the legendary mills to more exciting designs. Since at RideApart, we’re suckers for the café racer aesthetic, it was hard not to have a closer look at this Street-based beauty. 

This custom job is the work of Mean Green Customs, a Mumbai-based shop. It all started with a Street. The base the shop got to build its design on is the Harley-Davidson Street 750, the mid-size engine in the company’s entry-level lineup. From a mechanical standpoint, the shop decided to keep the heart of the Street intact, counting on the 749cc Revolution X V-twin mill to power its custom. Most of the work the team has done on the Street is of an aesthetic nature. 

Harley-Davidson Street 750 Café Racer
Harley-Davidson Street 750 Café Racer

The most obvious modifications are the addition of the bubble cowl and the new gas tank profile. Instead of the standard drop-shaped tank, the shop opted for a more typical café racer design with a rounded dorsal and knee dents. The handlebar has been swapped to fit the retro bill and fitted with clip ons. The end section of the bike has also been thoroughly reworked. 

The subframe is exposed and is supporting a new hump-back saddle. The Street’s dual shocks have seemingly been replaced by a single spring set up (there’s no clear shot of the back of the bike). The exhaust has also been modified and the tip has been replaced by a shorter, trapezoidal unit. Finally, the custom received a new set of spoke wheels.

 At first glance, the new design gives the bike a quirkier personality.The V-twin block with its proud H-D badge is the biggest giveaway as to the model underlying the custom design. And the sound, of course.


Source: Motoroids

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