On April 20, 2023, Swedish electric motorcycle maker Cake introduced the Jante, the latest evolution of its electric motor technology. The name follows Cake’s previously established naming conventions, and is rooted in the Swedish concept of Jantelagen, which the OEM says translates to “the law of Jante.” It refers to a specific set of Nordic cultural norms that “emphasize modesty, humility, and the idea that no individual is more important than the collective group.”  

This is Cake’s first internal permanent magnet (IPM) motor, which offers performance benefits for bikes it’s used in, while simultaneously using fewer rare earth magnets than surface permanent magnet (SPM) motors. The Jante, which was developed entirely in-house at Cake, offers over 500 newton-meters (just under 369 pound-feet) of torque at the rear wheel, and can reach speeds over 100 kilometers per hour (or 62 mph), says the OEM. 

Other features of the new Cake Jante motor include a radial flux design, low cogging, air cooling, and an IP67 rating that Cake says “allows it to operate in any condition.” The housing is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and lightness. It’s not clear what kinds of testing the company has put it through so far, but considering its development in Sweden, we’d imagine that some serious cold-weather testing has likely been done. 

"We are very excited to introduce our new high performance Jante Drivetrain. The Jante represents a significant advancement in CAKE’s electric motor design, providing our customers with a superior product that meets their needs for performance, efficiency, and reliability,” offered Cake founder and CEO Stefan Ytterborn in a statement. 

“The biggest reason for our in-house developed motor is to take major steps forward, increasing performance for the category of lightweight electric motorcycles. At the heart of our vehicles everything is based on CAKE components that together deliver performance to the next level. We are happy to see our drivetrain technology being used in a number of bold projects. CAKE battery controller algorithms and more are already in other builds, and the new Jante is a significant addition to our drivetrain technology,” he concluded. 

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