If you’re a US-based rider who’s patiently been waiting for the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 to make it to our shores, we have great news for you. On April 20, 2023, the OEM officially released the nimble little 350 in America at last. Here are all the details, including pricing information—but we must mention right at the top, we’re talking mini moto pricing for a full-sized bike here. 

As we were informed during the global launch of the Hunter 350, there are two variations of the Hunter 350 that Enfield has steadily been rolling out region by region worldwide. The US gets the Metro Hunter, which is the sleeker, urban-focused version of the bike. It comes in your choice of six colorways, with dual-channel ABS and 17-inch alloy wheels with tubeless tires fitted as standard. Other markets also get the Retro Hunter, which switches the alloy wheels for spokes, and offers a slightly more rugged character for dealing with roads that may or may not be paved. (The Retro Hunter also has fewer color options.) 

A nice, tidy instrument cluster graces the front of the Hunter, with a digital-analog display in the main pod and the possibility for Tripper Navigation in the side pod. There’s a USB port to charge your smartphone while you’re out riding, although there are no cubbies in which to hide your phone away, so you’ll need to get yourself some kind of phone mount or holder to use it. One nice thing that Enfield strangely doesn’t call out is its use of braided stainless steel brake lines on its 350s, but I’ll always mention it because I think it’s cool, and I wish more OEMs made such a simple change. 

Seat height is 790mm, or just over 31 inches—and it’s also super narrow, so even a rider with short legs (like me) can easily throw a leg over and feel confident right away. The ergonomics are relaxed, yet alert—which is kind of how you want to ride in busy stop-and-go traffic situations, anyway. 

In the US market, the Hunter 350 comes in the following colorways: Dapper White, Dapper Ash, Dapper Grey, Rebel Black, Rebel Blue, and Rebel Red. MSRP varies by colorway, with the three Dapper colors starting the proceedings at $3,999, and the three Rebel colorways bumping the MSRP up to $4,199. 

If you want to check one out in person or even bring one home, your best bet is to reach out to your local Royal Enfield dealer to find out the most accurate availability information.

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