Bering’s got a new pair of shoes to take out on a ride. A casual model interlaced with motorcycle-specific protection and design features, it makes it to the French brand’s lineup for 2023. 

Named the Reflex, this pair of riding sneakers are available in a high-top design. Cowhide is used all throughout the shoe from the heel to the shifter pad on the toe. The upper is attached to a hundred-percent rubber sole, and the enclosure system features an A-TOP lacing system, which doesn’t use traditional textile laces but instead uses cables and a disc that allows for seamless tightening and loosening. Bering's known for its value for money, especially with its other shoes, and that's on full display with the new Reflex. 

On to its protective elements, the shoe is rated EN 13634:2017, which is long-form for saying that it is CE Level 1, which is consistent with other riding sneakers of this style. The shoe is reinforced in key areas, like the toe and the heel. Bering also stitched a panel on the toe for the shifter, and there is also an anti-crush sole, for when a few hundred pounds is dropped on your foot—accidentally, of course. Apart from that, the Reflex is also water resistant thanks to a membrane that lines the interior. 

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There are two colorways available for this model. The Reflex comes in two colorways, which include a red-white-and-black colorway and a blue-white-and-black colorway. The size runs that Bering provides go from EU size 40 all the way up to an EU size 47, or a size 7 US to a size 12.5 US. 

The price for the Reflex from Bering will set you back €199.99 EUR, or about $218 USD given current exchange rates. For over two hundred dollars, you’ll be getting a full cowhide pair of shoes with strategic reinforcements perfect for riding, and water resistance for when the weather decides to take a turn for the worse. 

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