Alpinestars takes on the adventure-touring gear segment once again, this time with another model that brings another bit of innovation to the table once again. The Italian brand presents its AMT-10R Drystar XF line, which includes a jacket and a pair of pants. 

The brand has been no stranger to some ingenious or downright quirky innovations as of late. From the Halo Drystar, which is modularity and adaptability defined in an adventure-touring jacket, now we get this, the AMT-10R Drystar XF, with “XF” meaning “Xtra Flow” (pronounced extra flow, of course). 

Alpinestars - AMT10R Drystar XF Jacket

Unlike most jackets, this one comes with a removable shell that turns it from a dry tourer all the way to a breezy summer riding jacket. The rain panel allows the jacket to be totally waterproof, with it on, there are small windows that allow it to vent. Totally off, it turns into a mesh touring piece, with a stretch mesh pocket placed at the back that allows for the storage of its rain shell. 

Being a member of Alpinestars’ high-end line of jackets, the AMT-10R gets the brand’s top-shelf technologies and fabrics which include the aforementioned Drystar, Matryx panels, leather with Kevlar and leather panels, Rideknit, and Superfabric. There are also accommodations for the Tech Air 5 system. On top of that, you get the standard fare of CE-certified armor pads, along with a double-A slide rating. 

The jacket integrates seamlessly with the AMT-10R Drystar XF pants, which have largely the same certifications and construction as the jacket, minus the quirky modularity. Double-A slide protection is also present on the pants, and ventilation panels can be opened or closed depending on the riding conditions. 

Alpinestars - AMT10R Drystar XF Jacket
Alpinestars - AMT10R Drystar XF Jacket

Alpinestars lists the jacket for a manufacturer-suggested retail price of $899.95 USD. Meanwhile, the pants come in at $499.95 USD. Buying the two to complete the adventure-ready pairing will set you back about $1,400 USD. Currently, there is only one colorway that the matching set comes in. Knowing Alpinestars, there could be a few new colors introduced sometime in the near future. Still, the current color is called Fur Grey, Pale Brown, and Spicy Orange. 

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