Shark presents a new lineup of graphics for its 2023 run of the Spartan RS. The new colorways are for both the standard Spartan and the Carbon Skin variant. There is even a Zarco Austin GP replica, seen for the first time adorning the sport-touring model. 

In Shark’s lineup, the Spartan RS is the entry-level model in the French brand’s Spartan line of products. As the entry-level model in the family of Spartans, the RS presents a decent value for money with features such as a drop-down sun visor fiberglass or carbon fiber shell, a plush interior, and an aerodynamic shape with toothy styling. You can find out more about it in my review of the Carbon Skin variant

Anyway, there are new colors available for the Spartan RS and its Carbon Skinned brother. There are up to four new graphic options for riders to choose from, which include a Bhyron series of designs, the Stingrey series of designs, the Shawn series of designs, and also a Zarco replica. The Carbon Skin is also noteworthy, as it comes with either a matte or a glossy graphic option as the only option available to those who want a carbon helmet. 

Gallery: Shark Spartan RS Carbon Skin Graphics 2023

The specifications of the Spartan RS are also of note in the category, with an ECE 22.06 homologation being the prime consideration for the lid. It’s also good to know that it is the first ECE 22.06-homologated lid with a drop-down sun visor, whose switch can be located at the top of the helmet, allowing for its sides to be totally smooth. Shark also supplies this helmet in two shell sizes, with the break being at the medium. Its shell is either made from multiaxial composite fibers or Shark’s blend of carbon fiber. Underneath the skin is a multi-density EPS layer which gives it ECE 22.06 approval. 

All of this is backed by a warranty of five years, as part of Shark’s commitment to quality. Prices for the Spartan RS start at about $410 USD (€375.99 EUR). 

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