French electric mobility brand Pink Mobility has expanded its model lineup for the 2023 model year with the launch of the new Pop Plus scooter. Clearly inspired by the retro scooters in the market, the Pop Plus brings a stylish and charming machine to the rapidly growing e-mobility segment. In France in particular, the government rolls out what's referred to as an ecological bonus for zero-emissions like Pink Mobility's products. 

In essence, the Pink Pop Plus is similar in styling to the Pink Style, in that it incorporates retro-inspired styling akin to that of 1960s Vespas. That being said, the electric scooter still flaunts modern features such as full-LED lighting, and a digital instrument cluster that displays range, battery consumption, speed, and riding mode. 

In terms of performance, the Pink Pop Plus is powered by an electric motor with a nominal output of three kilowatts, or about four horsepower. At full tilt, however, it produces up to six kilowatts, or about eight ponies, like that of a 125cc gasoline-powered scooter. As such, top speed is set at 85 kilometers per hour, or about 53 miles per hour in Sport mode. Interestingly, the scooter has a reverse mode, making it more convenient when parking in tight spaces. 

As for the battery, the Pop Plus is rocking a 72-volt, 29-ampere-hour Lithium-NMC battery pack. According to Pink, it can be fully charged in just four hours, and returns up to 80 kilometers, or about 50 miles, on a single charge in Sport mode. When put in Comfort mode, the scooter can go up to 100 kilometers (62 miles), and in Eco mode, an impressive 120 kilometers, or 75 miles, on a single charge. 

Pink Mobility Presents The Pop Plus Retro Electric Scooter In France

As is the case with most scooters on the market, the Pop Plus is equipped with a slew of practical amenities. For starters, there's a large cubby hole under the handlebars for storing your personal belongings. There's even a USB socket to charge your phone, as well as ample storage space under the seat. Don't expect to be able to fit a helmet, though, as the compartment is also shared with the batteries. There's also the option to install a GPS tracker, a top case, and a stylish leather saddlebag. 

Overall, the Pink Pop Plus looks like a stylish option for folks looking to go green in a fashionable way. It's surprisingly affordable, too, retailing for just 4,790 Euros – that's about $5,207 USD – without the ecological bonus amounting to 900 Euros, or approximately $978 USD. As such, its net price makes it more affordable than many other electric scooter offerings in the region. 

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