Airbag vests are rapidly gaining popularity, with more and more people adding them to their gear collections. Indeed, airbag vests have made such a big difference in the world of protective equipment, that they've become mandatory in the global racing stage. That being said, airbag vests are now more affordable than ever, as more and more manufacturers are producing them at much lower costs. 

One example is Aspar Air, a new company based in Spain that's dedicated to producing affordable airbag vests. Headquartered in Valencia, Spain, Aspar Air focuses on affordability and accessibility, retailing for just 239 Euros, or approximately $261 USD – a fraction of the cost of mainstream manufacturers' airbags such as Alpinestars or Dainese. Granted, Aspar Air's system is much simpler, and relies on a mechanical tether to deploy the airbag. Naturally, a setup like this has its drawbacks in that mobility on the bike is limited. Nevertheless, the safety benefits are undeniable, especially for beginners. 

Spanish Startup Aspar Air Presents Two New Airbag Vests

Aspar Air's airbag vest is proudly Spanish designed and made. It does, however, have technology attune to European standards, with certifications garnered in the CRITT Sport Loisirs facility, or the Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer, in Châtellerault, France. The vest complies with the 1621-4 European Standard, and has a full inflation time of just 200 milliseconds. It's also constructed out of abrasion-resistant textile. 

The Aspar Air airbag vest is currently retailed in two versions: 0.5 and 1.0. The two are differentiated by the amount of fabrics used, with the 0.5 version being a much simpler, barebones option, and the 1.0 being a larger, more comprehensive vest. The Aspar Air 0.5 is, of course, the most affordable option, retailing for 239 Euros, or the equivalent of $261 USD. Meanwhile, the Aspar Air 1.0 will set you back 381 Euros, or about $416 USD. In terms of price, Aspar Air has the competitive advantage in comparison to other tether-activated airbag vests in the market. 

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