It’s been 2023 for almost three whole months now, and you know what that means? The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Founded in 1973, the MSF has trained millions of riders in basic and advanced riding courses to improve their knowledge, skills, and safety on two (and three) wheels. 

How does the MSF plan to celebrate this momentous occasion? In part, by doing what it’s always done—seeking to advance the skills and knowledge of all kinds of riders, whether they’re young or old, and whether they’ve never thrown a leg over a bike before, or they have some experience but want to sharpen their skills.  

One special thing that MSF is doing throughout 2023 is sharing a special, weekly series of stories from all corners of the riding community who have been impacted by the MSF’s work. The series, which began in January, will consist of 50 stories from 50 different people. From new riders to RiderCoaches, families of riders, and more, one of the most important things about the riding community is the ‘community’ part—and that’s what MSF wants to shine a light on. 

A handful of the 50 stories are already available on the MSF website, filed under the News banner. It’s a collection of first-person essays and video stories, submitted by a variety of riders. Contributors so far include journalist Michael Frank, the Motorcycle Industry Council’s Andria Yu, Vogue senior editor Corey Seymour, actor Ian Ziering, moto vlogger and aspiring MSF RiderCoach Doodle on a Motorcycle (real name Carolyn), producer Joyce Louis-Jean, director Pamela Romanowsky, MSF campus site coordinator Austin Guest, riders Jaime Gabaldoni and Lazaro Amaro, and MSF RiderCoach Jerry Foster-Julian, actor and musician Maddox Kennerson.  

In 2022, the MSF beta-tested its new Ride Day program, which combined a 30-minute Moto Intro course (aimed at the bike-curious who’ve never ridden yet) and a Skills Check for riders who already have some experience. These enticements, the MSF says, helped to encourage more people to sign up for the Basic RiderCourse at a convenient location nearby.

The MSF offers a number of in-person courses at various locations throughout the US, and there’s more than just the Basic RiderCourse if you’re looking for additional training. From Dirtbike School to the AdventureBike RiderCourse, the MSF has been branching out over time to further the cause of rider education, training, and safety so we can go out, have fun, and then do it all over again tomorrow.  

If you’re interested in learning more about the MSF and what courses are available near you, check the link in our Sources. 

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