The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is now offering a new kind of event that will cater to the “bike-curious.” RIDE Tuesday will offer any rider, both new and experienced, the “chance to try a motorcycle for free with MSF RiderCoaches helping them through each step,” according to the MSF’s website.

RIDE Tuesday brings novice and experienced riders together with RiderCoaches and local experts together in the interest of honing skills, answering questions, and just having a good time. You don’t even have to be on a motorcycle in order to join this kind of event, all you need to be is curious.

MSF Moto Intro Course - Ride Tuesday

First-time riders will be allowed to take the Moto Intro - First Ride program, where the course is simple and easy to follow. Beginners will start on an oval course where MSF RiderCoaches will guide you through basic motorcycle operations. Learn how to work a clutch, brake, and throttle on a motorcycle, and by the end of the course “you will be able to start, stop, shift into first gear, and ride around our course with control and confidence,” according to the MSF.

MSF Skills Check Course - RIDE Tuesday

Experienced riders can also challenge their skills with the advanced MSF Skills Check drill set-up. These advanced training activities are designed to challenge riders’ current skill levels. The MSF asks if you’re “up for a two-wheeled challenge?” You can test your skills in this course, and as we said, RIDE Tuesday isn’t just for newbies. The special course will feature more advanced maneuvers like U-turns, figure-eights, and other essential low-speed techniques.

For MSF Moto Intro, all you need to bring is over-the-ankle footwear, long pants, and a long sleeve shirt or jacket. The gloves, helmets, and bikes will be provided. As stated prior, this course is designed for the newbie rider or the bike-curious that wants to get into the world of motorcycling. However, for the advanced rider course, you need to bring a valid motorcycle license, your own helmet, eye protection, over-the-ankle footwear, long pants, a long-sleeve shirt or jacket, and gloves. You also have to bring your own motorcycle and it must be in good working order.

What’s doubly amazing is that both basic and advanced drills will be available for free, plus you get to ask any and all motorcycle-related questions to any of the local riding experts and MSF RiderCoaches. There will also be food and music available for riders and event-goers to enjoy while off the bike.

RIDE Tuesday events will be held at any MSF-certified ranges throughout the United States, and they will be often held in partnership with motorcycle dealerships. The first two RIDE Tuesday events will be held at Clutch Motorcycle School in Loveland, Colorado, on August 30, 2022. The second will be held at the Motorcycle Safety University in Kerrville, Texas on September 20, 2022. If you want more info about RIDE Tuesday, be sure to click any of our sources down below.

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