In Asian countries like India, small-displacement commuter scooters and motorcycles reign supreme. Big bikes with powerful engines and fancy tech are seen more as toys and status symbols. This, however, hasn't stopped die-hard enthusiasts from braving the inhospitable road conditions all for the love of motorcycling, and there exists a rather healthy premium segment in India, as well as neighboring Asian countries. 

For example, Harley-Davidson has just announced that it will be launching its premium model range in the Indian market for the 2023 model year. In particular, four of the MoCo's most popular bikes are slated for debut in India for 2023: the Heritage Classic, Fat Boy 114, Street Glide, and Road Glide. These four models occupy Harley-Davidson's premium segment in the global market, and are ideal for long-distance journeys, ideally on long stretches of open highways. 

2023 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic Anniversary - Riding

This raises the question: are these bikes a match for India's less-than-perfect road conditions? Surely, the Sportster and Nightster are much better suited, as they're far more compact and nimble, making it easier to navigate traffic. On top of that, the slightly sportier models offer higher ground clearance, lowering the risk of sustaining damage due to potholes and gravel roads. The Heritage Classic, Fat Boy, Street and Road Glides, however, are much lower and heavier. Nevertheless, when it comes to Harleys, practicality was never really the main consideration. 

2023 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special Anniversary - Riding

Indeed, the launch of these four models has already been confirmed, so if you happen to be reading this from India, and have a wad of cash burning a massive hole in your pocket, you may want to get in touch with your nearest Harley dealer ASAP. That being said, the MoCo has yet to announce the launch dates for these models, but one thing's for sure: they're going to command quite a premium. 

Apart from the four standard models, the brand will also be releasing limited-edition models in commemoration of the brand's 120th anniversary. The bikes are adorned with a special red gradient colorway, and even come with optional 120th Anniversary-branded accessories and upgrades. 

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