Taiwan-based electric scooter label Gogoro is widely considered one of the pioneers in the electric scooter industry. All across the globe, Gogoro's unique strategy of partnering up with local companies has allowed the brand to blaze a trail in the e-mobility sector. On top of all that, the brand's highly efficient battery-swapping technology is paving the way for other industry players, as well. 

Now, specific to the Indian market, Gogoro is expected to release two new electric scooters soon. A report by Indian motoring publication BikeWale indicates that the company has homologated two new models for the Indian market. Specifically, the Gogoro 2 series of scooters consisting of the 2 Standard and 2 Plus models could soon be plying Indian roads, and going up against the likes of Ola Electric, Ather Energy, and Hero Electric's offerings. 

Gogoro Electric Scooter

For the record, the Gogoro 2 is powered by an electric motor with a peak output of 7.2 kilowatts, or approximately 10 horsepower. This puts it squarely in the territory of 125cc and up internal-combustion engine scooters. However, expect the Gogoro to leave the likes of the Vespa S125 in the dust when it comes to sheer acceleration. On top of that, the scooters are anticipated to be capable of returning around 55 miles of range on a single charge, however, the actual figure is highly dependent on a multitude of other factors. 

It's important to note that, according to the BikeWale report, Gogoro will be importing the scooters directly from Taiwan, instead of having the assembled locally. This could potentially reflect in the retail price of the scooters, as CBU units tend to demand a higher tax rate. Gogoro's entry into the Indian market isn't exactly new news, as the Taiwanese company announced a partnership with Indian company Zypp Electric for a B2B project back in November, 2022. At least now, with the anticipated launch of the 2 series scooters, we have a better idea of what Gogoro has in store for the Indian market. 

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