A new menu of parts awaits Kawasaki Ninja GPZ900R owners at AC Sanctuary called the New Type-R Sports Package. Updated and promising better performance, owners can choose what parts they want from the catalog accounting for the continued deterioration of the vintage bike. 

Kawasaki released the Ninja GPZ900R as early as 1984, and loyal fans of the model may have continued to keep the bike running through the years, and AC Sanctuary is updating its catalog of parts for the bike with an emphasis on engine renewal due to the deteriorating condition of the motorcycles. 

AC Sanctuary reviews its catalog every year, and the package accounts for deteriorating parts to keep customers riding. The bikes aren’t getting any younger, and the package also takes into account the quality of life, performance, and reliability of the GPZ900R.  

Gallery: AC Sanctuary 2022 Kawaski Ninja GPZ900R Type R Package

As for the contents of the package, we have a mounting base for the upper cowl which has the mounting points for the upper cowl and the gauge cluster. Brembo RCS master cylinders are used as well to improve the stopping performance and clutch performance of the bike, and we also get a stem kit and a fork offset adjustment from 40 millimeters to 37 millimeters. 

Even the seats are custom. We’ve all seen one or two bikes with holes in the seat covers, and the Daytona RCM concept seats are an upgrade from the OEM-supplied part, especially if father time wasn’t so kind. 

As for the engine internals, AC Sanctuary also incorporates Vossner φ73mm forged pistons into the package, as well as loss reduction processing for the crankcase plus dynamic balance and journal bearing wrapping. The Type-R package also includes oversized valve guides for the valvetrain. A wider radiator is also available, plus a high-mount oil cooler for additional heat management. 

A Yoshimura TMR-MJN 38mm carburetor with a dual-stack funnel is used to feed the motor with gasoline, and the OEM ignition system will be replaced with an AS Wotani and SPII system. The wiring for the bike will also be redone by AC Sanctuary. 

On top of that, refreshments for the chassis are also part of the package. A new aftermarket swingarm pivot can also be acquired and that part is supplied by Norbreast. You can also get an Ohlins RWU (43mm) front fork, Ohlins 17-inch KA203 rear shock, ceiling fender, and caliper support. The front brake caliper is upgraded to a Brembo caliper, and the disc is a 320-millimeter Sunstar RCM concept.

Rear brakes in the package include a Brembo two-piston caliper that clamps on a Sunstar Premium Racing 250mm disc

Finally, we get other trick parts like a titanium muffler from Nitro Racing, OZ Racing aluminum-forged wheels, and a drive chain courtesy of Enuma coming in a 530 size. 

It’s a pretty comprehensive package, and I doubt that I’ve listed everything that AC Sanctuary can do with the GPZ900R. In whatever case, there are a ton of parts that you probably can list down if you happen to own a GPZ900R. 

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