Italian mobility brand Isothermos (Iso) came of age during the Post-War scooter and motorcycle boom. As a direct rival to Vespa and Lambretta, Iso had its work cut out. Still, the firm held its own throughout. After a lengthy hiatus, Ferruccio Lamborghini relaunched the brand in 2021, but the new Iso has its sights set squarely on the future.

To fast-track the Italian OEM’s lineup to the forefront of the electric mobility ranks, Iso tapped Singapore’s Giken Mobility as the brand’s exclusive global licensee and manufacturer. For that reason, Giken’s technological ecosystem will underlie future Iso projects. Additionally, Singaporean startup Rider Dome will also lend a hand with its AI-based Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS).

Rider Dome

The advanced warning system utilizes a set of rear- and front-facing cameras to monitor the surrounding traffic. Governed by an AI processing unit, the system analyzes incoming video and relays alerts to the rider via two mirror/dash-mounted lights. Rider Dome’s ARAS notifies users with blind-spot, collision, and safe-distance alerts, and Giken believes the system gives Iso an edge.

“Today, riders aren’t just looking for comfort and economical vehicles. What they are truly looking for is the vehicle that delivers the entire package,” explained Giken Mobility CEO Sydney Yeung. “Customers want motorcycles that are great for the environment, machines that are designed to perfection, and above all, technology that adheres to the highest safety standards.

“By partnering with Rider Dome, Iso will be one of the first few motorcycle brands in the industry to feature Advanced Rider Assistance designed specifically for motorcycles. We believe that embracing this essential technology will have a sizable impact on road safety for years to come.”

Giken also claims that similar Advanced Driving Assistance systems in cars have resulted in a 40-percent reduction in automobile crashes. If Iso’s Uno-X scooter can adapt such technologies to the two-wheeled space, there’s no doubt that the revived manufacturer can make a whole new name for itself.

“We are excited about the partnership and confident that Rider Dome will provide Iso’s riders with a new and safer riding experience,” concluded Rider Dome CEO Yoav Elgrichi. “Iso is a perfect partner since it reflects the future of motorcycles which combine innovation along with practical and modern design.”

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