Building a custom motorcycle isn’t cheap. Whether you take on a ground-up project, a cosmetic refresh, or a basket-case rebuild, the expenses add up fast. To craft the motorcycle of his dreams without breaking the bank, LEGO master builder Pale4 fashioned his own custom chopper brick-by-brick.

One look at Pale4’s creation conjures up images of Harley-Davidson's now-discontinued V-Rod. The VRSC’s run lasted 18 years, but many Harley traditionalists turned their nose up at the technologically-advanced cruiser. However, the model remains a cult classic in some circles, including the custom arena. Pale4 proves that the LEGO world is no exception.

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“I’ve always been a fan of custom motorcycles,” the builder revealed. “Since customizing motorcycles is hugely popular, I thought designing one which could be customized by builders after building would be a great set for fans of Lego and Lego Technic. With the pieces in the set it is easy to customize this motorcycle to a bobber style bike by shortening the front fork and building it to a steeper angle and shortening the back fender.”

The LEGO master builder overlooks no detail. From the V-Rod's long and lean stance to its 60-degree V-twin, the model chopper accurately portrays its source material. Pale4 even includes V-Rod-style bodywork, rear suspension, and controls complete with brake lines. He doesn’t forget to add his own spin to the custom cruiser, however.

While the V-Rod featured disc wheels and a telescopic fork, Pale4 upgrades the chassis with seven-spoke wheels and an inverted front end. The result is a custom chopper that should appeal to the custom crowd and cruiser traditionalists alike. The question is: will LEGO fans support it?

As a participant in the LEGO Ideas program, Pale4’s creation stands a chance of becoming a retail box set. In order to reach production, the custom chopper needs to earn 10,000 votes. At the time of writing this piece, the LEGO master builder currently has 1,972 votes to his name. The V-Rod may have gone before its time, but a 1:5-scale custom LEGO chopper hopes to carry on that legacy.

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