When it comes to riding motorcycles, especially at night, visibility is key. This is exactly why lots of gear and equipment manufacturers incorporate reflective elements into their products. Indeed, the lights on our motorcycles can only do so much. As such, a lot of new and upcoming companies are innovating to incorporate lights into riding gear and apparel. 

One such brand is OWNYX, a relatively new player in the industry. Its newest product is called the MRA warning device, which is essentially an auxiliary taillight attached to your helmet. It also has turn signal and brake light functionality. In terms of technology, the OWNYX MRA makes use of a magnetic system to replicate the illumination of the motorbike. Unlike an accelerometer, the system uses a wireless receiver to link to the motorcycle's illumination.

French Startup OWNYX Presents The MRA Helmet Light

The OWNYX MRA's lighting feature allows for enhanced visibility up to a height of two meters and a wider range of 230 degrees, which is significantly more than the standard on-board motorcycle lighting of one meter and 130 degrees. This improves visibility for other drivers on the road. Additionally, the MRA is designed to be lightweight, compact, and stylish, with a thickness of just 1.8 centimeters at its thickest part, and weighing less than 120 grams, making it barely noticeable on your helmet.

The MRA has a somewhat angular and streamlined form that blends in well with the appearance of contemporary helmets, especially because four plates with various finishes are available to enhance its elegance. Just two magnetic fastening points remain on your helmet while it's not in use, making it simple to interchange between helmets with a single MRA device.

The OWNYX MRA is sold as a package with the wireless receiver, magnetic fixing points, and the frame. As mentioned, it's offered in four different colors, so it should be easy to mix and match with your favorite helmets. The MRA helmet light is expected to hit the market in April, 2023. The kit is available now for pre-order, at the price of $162 USD (154 Euros). However, once it hits retail, it'll be priced at $189 USD (179 Euros). Additionally, extra plates and magnetic fixing points are sold separately to equip multiple helmets. 

French Startup OWNYX Presents The MRA Helmet Light
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