Headquartered in South Africa, and specializing in off-road gear, Leatt’s selection is worth checking out if you’re an avid off-roader. 

With a full selection of gear listed on Leatt’s site, one new product sticks out. New to the lineup, a new enduro-specific model has come about. Leatt has a selection of off-road-specific motorcycle boots, and this model is part of the 4.5 series but it has a special feature that makes it unique, the HydraDri EVO liner. 

Leatt 4.5 HydraDri Enduro Boots

Leatt touts that it is rated for up to 20,000 millimeters of water resistance, so rain, puddles, and even a storm would be hard-pressed to soak this boot’s insides with the appropriate pants in tow. The boot remains breathable and allows sweat and hot air to escape and allow you to keep riding without that gross soggy feeling at your feet. 

Leatt 4.5 HydraDri Enduro Boots

Enduro riders or even adventure riders who ride whenever and wherever will appreciate the added waterproofing that the Hydradri liner provides in addition to the copious amounts of protection that the boot already provides. Being an enduro and off-road specific motorcycle boot, it predictably has shin armor, toe armor, ankle protection, heel protection, and more that will prevent your feet and your lower leg from getting hurt if ever you take a rather gnarly spill on your motorcycle. 

To help improve rider performance, the sole of the boot also comes with Leatt’s block sole which provides ample traction on muddy roads. The block sole also provides adequate grip for riders who are walking, pushing, or even picking up their motorcycle. 

Leatt 4.5 HydraDri Enduro Boots

Two colors are available to buy from Leatt, and the price is will cost about $389.99 USD. The first color is black, and the second and more eye-catching color is the Cactus colorway with a hit of orange for some added pop. 

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