Originally featured on Bike Exif, and then featured by the folks over at Moto.it, this Honda CB1100 is one heck of a looker. Conceptualized and built by Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts, the project took inspiration from the 2016 Honda CB1100 TR Concept that debuted in EICMA 2016. 

The flat tracker inspiration that was then dreamed up by Valerio Aiello, never made it into production and the final nail in the coffin was when Honda decided that the CB1100 was to be discontinued about half a decade later

Honda CB1100

Rough Crafts’ Winston Yeh, took inspiration from the 2016 concept that never saw the light of production and built around a standard CB1100 to serve as a sort of “what if” for the concept. According to the conversation that Bike Exif and Yeh had in the feature article, “If you ask me which is my favorite custom CB1100 in the world. 

My answer will always be the one that wasn’t actually built by any custom builder; the CB1100 TR Concept. The flat track-style bodyworks, plus the super aggressive performance components, make for such an appealing package.”

“So I decided that that’s the direction I want to go with it—but with a bit more Rough Crafts flavor. The rest was about finding the right components, and the right balance between ‘race’ and ‘custom’.”

Honda CB1100

That line of thinking was applied to the custom build, of course, with a Rough Crafts twist to it with a dark, mean, but distinguished look. Flat black has been used for a majority of the build which is accented by gold trimmings all around. 

As for the custom bits, the bike has a custom tank, a custom tail, and custom side covers that were courtesy of MS Pro, all hand-formed out of aluminum. Carbon fiber bits like the forged veneers by Simon Fiber Craft, and custom paint and gold leaf work by Rover Works, bring everything together into a nice and neat, but still menacing package. 

Honda CB1100

Several performance bits also made it into the build, with Öhlins suspension that’s also blacked out, custom yokes, 17-inch carbon fiber BST wheels, Pirelli Supercorsa tires, Beringer brake calipers, and a special blacked-out chain from RK Takasago paired with a KCT rear sprocket. We also get a set of Sprint air filters, an SC Project exhaust, and weight savings amounting to about 44 pounds. 

There’s not an ounce of chrome anywhere on the bike which would have been the OEM finish. The build is well thought-out and thoroughly color-coordinated. 

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