Doing anything for the first time is usually some level of daunting. That goes for riding a motorcycle—and customizing one, as well. If you’re anything like me, overthinking things and freaking yourself out for no reason is often your biggest problem. That’s why, to help prevent Yamaha XSR900 owners from breaking their own hearts, Taiwanese custom shop Rough Crafts decided to make everything as simple and stress-free as possible with this kit. 

The Rough Crafts x Yamaha XSR900 Faster Track collection consists entirely of bolt-on parts, made specifically to fit your stock XSR900. Renowned custom bike builder Winston Yeh wanted to keep everything beautifully aggressive and streamlined, with no cutting or welding necessary to make everything fit just as it should.  

Carbon fiber is the order of the day here. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it also helps lower the stock weight of your XSR900. Since Rough Crafts is making each individual piece of this kit available for separate purchase, how much weight you’ll lose will depend entirely on which pieces you install. There’s a very tidy little tracker-inspired tail section and seat unit, lovingly and stylishly hand-stitched.  

Gallery: Rough Crafts x Yamaha XSR900 Faster Track Bolt-On Kit

The tank covers are enough to change the look of your XSR900 on their own, and can work with both the stock dual seat and the Rough Crafts Faster Track single seat. The short front fender utilizes the stock fender mount brackets, and adds a nice little bit of style to your front fork.  

While the finished bike in these photos is a Rough Crafts custom build, it both showcases all these pieces and also offers a glimpse into the future. As of September 14, 2021, that extremely cool headlight unit is not yet available for purchase from Rough Crafts, but it should be available soon according to Cycle World. Right now, you can purchase the Faster Track seat/tail unit, tank covers, and/or short front fender directly from Rough Crafts. Prices range from $280 for that front fender unit up to $1220 for the seat/tail unit.  

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