The magnificent BMW specialist Shiroh Nakajima calmly continues to devastate with his BMW restomod fabrication ASMR videos on YouTube. This time, he’s hard at work painstakingly crafting a titanium exhaust system for an ongoing BMW R100RS restomod project. It is truly a glorious sight to behold. 

The intro and outro feature some extremely chill music to set the vibe for what you’re about to see, but most of the running time is pure fabrication ASMR. Nakajima has earbuds in while he’s working, but we have no idea what, if anything, he may be listening to as he works. Whatever it is, his actions remain smooth, practiced, and focuses as he creates each piece of the exhaust system from scratch. 

It’s tough to pick a favorite moment, because there are so many good ones to choose from. Do you love watching Nakajima as he hand-bends those pipes into the perfect shape, using a template he’s created to keep all the measurements in check? Maybe the two-into-one collector is your favorite, and I definitely wouldn’t blame you if it is. 

Maybe it’s the bonus bit where Nakajima takes the stock center stand off the R100RS, cuts it up, and then completely reshapes it so it’s exactly the correct size and shape to fully accommodate the new exhaust routing. After all, if your bike starts out with a center stand, chances are pretty good that you want it to keep having a center stand, even if other extensive modifications are in order. 

If you, like me, are in need of some quality ASMR fabrication chill, then Shiroh Nakajima and 46Works have just the video you need to see today. Also, if you’re hungry for more, this is part 13 in a multi-part series focusing on restomodding this one BMW R100RS for a customer. Click on in and cue up the full playlist and watch a master at work if you have some spare time. 

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