For adventure and enduro enthusiasts, the BMW GS Trophy is one of the most exciting competitions out there. Featuring what is arguably the most iconic adventure bike the world has ever seen, the BMW GS Trophy not only showcases the sheer capability of the GS range of adventure bikes, but the skills, fortitude, and camaraderie of the participants, as well. 

As such, in 2024, the BMW GS Trophy is set to return. For its ninth edition, the competition will be held in the idyllic landscape of Namibia, Africa, making its way back to where it all began in 2008. Over the course of the past years, the GS Trophy has been held in numerous countries across the globe. The last Trophy, held in 2022, was in Albania. Meanwhile, New Zealand hosted the 2020 GS Trophy, and Mongolia in 2018. In 2016, the GS Trophy was held in Thailand, and in 2014, Canada. The 2012 GS Trophy was held in Argentina, 2010 was in Swaziland, and 2008, where it all began, was held in Tunisia. 

2022 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy - Beach

The 2024 BMW GS Trophy will feature a total of 22 teams from all over the world, with a total of 60 riders expected to be in attendance. Of the 22 teams, six will be comprised of all-women teams, while 16 men's teams will make up the remainder of the competitors. With the 2024 GS Trophy still quite a long time away, qualifying rounds will be held all across the world to select the best of the best for 2024. In total, there will be 15 national qualifying events, and one international qualifying round. 

BMW Motorrad ascertains that the International GS Trophy is not a race, but rather, a team competition which will put the challengers' skills, teamwork, and grit to the test. Part of the challenges include GPS navigation exercises, as well as off-road and technical riding challenges. 

As mentioned earlier, we're still a ways away from the 2024 BMW International GS Trophy. That being said, expect to learn a lot more about the specifics of the competition in the coming months. BMW Motorrad themselves has stated that they will provide more details—such as the exact bikes and equipment to be used, as well as more details about the challenges involved—in subsequent press releases. With that, be sure to stay tuned for more information, and visit the BMW GS Trophy's official website in the link below. 

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