For all motorcyclists, I’m certain that the letter G and S when used in succession will strike up images of what could only be considered as the most popular adventure bike of the modern era. Indeed, it’s widely accepted that BMW set the benchmark for what is today generically referred to as the adventure bike. Sitting at the very top of the food chain is none other than the R 1250 GS, BMW’s flagship model, and a motorcycle that never seems to stop taking the world by storm.

From deserts, lush scenery, and all the roads in between, the R 1250 GS is a bike many riders aspire to own, while only a few have really come to maximize. That said, this never stopped BMW from making the GS appeal to a wide selection of riders. This is evidenced by the dozens of color options, variants, and limited editions of this bike. In France, in particular, BMW has taken the Alpes Aventures Moto Festival as the opportune moment to unveil its newest special edition of the R 1250 GS exclusive to the French market, the Edition Spirit of GS.

BMW Releases R 1250 GS Spirit Of GS Edition Exclusive To French Market

Just like the famed adventure bike’s engine capacity, the Spirit of GS version will be limited to just 1,250 units, all of which will be sold exclusively in the French market. The Edition Spirit of GS sets itself apart from the standard R 1250 GS thanks to a few key features, most notable of which is its colorway. It’s based on the Triple Black variant, but brings a few road-oriented farkles to the table. For starters, it gets a selection of orange anodized aluminum goodies, from the badge, to its handlebar clamp.

Furthermore, the Edition Spirit of GS gets gray and orange accents on the bodywork, which take away slightly from the Triple Black’s sleek aesthetic, but in turn, provide the bike with an eye-catching aesthetic. The Spirit of GS also gets black and orange side scoops, wheel accents, and an aluminum handguard as standard. Last but not least, a topstitched saddle and a serial number stamped onto the frame further certify the bike’s rarity.

BMW Releases R 1250 GS Spirit Of GS Edition Exclusive To French Market

To sweeten the deal even further, the Spirit of GS is outfitted from the factory with all of BMW Motorrad’s PRO features. As such, it gets a smoked windscreen, an engine spoiler, and engine crash guards as standard. As mentioned earlier, only 1,250 examples of the Spirit of GS will ever see the light of day. So if you have 27,990 Euros, or roughly $28,367 USD, burning a gaping hole in your pocket, and you happen to be reading this in France, well then, better get in touch with your local BMW Motorrad dealer immediately.

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