BWM wants folks to experience its Heritage lineup in a very unique manner. Based on the region, the Bavarians already offer guided tours aboard its R 18 cruiser lineup and R Nine-T neo-retro with the Great Getaway and SoulFuel Escape series. While those two options cater to Europe, the U.S., and Australia, BMW’s SoulFuel Getaway serves riders in Southeast Asia.

To show prospective R 18 buyers just how fun the platform is on the road, BMW Motorrad Indonesia invited content creator collective Tri333ple to a SoulFuel Getaway in Thailand and member Amos happily takes on the challenge. The tour shuttles the group to some of the most picturesque areas of the country, including Khao Chi Chan and BMW Motorrad’s Enduro Park in Chonburi, but Amos’ big takeaway centers on the R 18 range.

With each leg, the YouTuber tries on a new R 18 for size. The lineup runs the gamut between bar-hopper and cross-country tourer, so Amos had his work cut out for him. Even within the base model R 18, BMW equips the cruiser with its extensive lineup of accessories. From beach bars to ape hangers, from the Jekill & Hyde exhaust to a two-up seat, it's clear that the SoulFuel Getaway allows customers to truly try before they buy.

When it comes to the faired R 18s, Amos aptly calls out the two tourers’ curb weights. At 887 pounds, the R 18 B is already a handful, but the Transcontinental’s 942-pound weight takes the whole cake. Amos even reveals that the grand tourer isn’t legal in his home country, Indonesia, due to its wet weight exceeding the nation's 400 kg limit. The content creator doesn’t let us forget it either, calling out the variant’s portly proportions on numerous occasions.

Without the SoulFuel Getaway, he would have never experienced such a unique motorcycle. Sometimes, that alone is worth the price of admission.

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