There’s nothing quite like a hot meal after a long day in the saddle. Whether it’s a plate of tacos after ripping through the Baja California Desert or a post-Tail of the Dragon rack of ribs, good food only adds an exclamation point to any ride. Staci Wilt based her Ride to Food YouTube channel on that very premise, and the concept is taking her to a place she’s never been before: off-road.

If you’ve watched Wilt’s videos in the past, you’ll notice one common thread: Harley-Davidson. From Dynas to Softails, from Sportsters to Road Glides, Ride to Food proportionately plates the YouTuber’s affinity for both cuisine and cruisers. That’s not the only thing the Motor Company makes any longer, though. With Wilt headed to the untamed wildness of Utah, there’s no better time to throw a leg over Harley’s first adventure bike, the Pan America 1250 Special.

However, the content creator doesn’t get out over her skis, sticking to the pavement for the majority of her trip from Southern California to Utah’s Zion National Park. Once Wilt connects with fellow YouTuber Amanda Zito from As the Magpie Flies, she conjures up the courage to dip a toe into the dirt. Patiently waiting for such an opportunity has its advantages too.

Venturing off-road may not come with the same hazards as traveling on the tarmac, but exploring with a friend certainly fosters confidence. After all, maneuvering a 569-pound adventure bike through loose terrain is no easy feat for ADV noobs. Especially when it comes to lifting a big-bore adventurer following a tip-over, the last thing you want to be is alone.

Luckily, Zito puts Wilt at ease, trundling over the trail as the cruiser enthusiast gains her dirt legs. While the two simply mosey down a slightly sandy path, we can’t wait to see Wilt improve her adventure riding skills over the course of her trip. From comfortably standing on the pegs to adjusting to differing terrain to navigating a route, the Ride to Food frontwoman has a lot to learn and we’re here for it!

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