Shoei officially announced the release of its new X-Fifteen full-face helmet in Japan in October, 2022. The newest full-face lid in the Japanese helmet specialist’s lineup is ready to accept a hydration system, and features the latest and greatest in the company’s aerodynamics and comfort research and development. It’s scheduled for release in January, 2023, at which time it will launch in three solid colors: black, white, and matte black.  

With new helmet introductions, though, it’s almost always a given that new graphics will come out, sooner or later. For particularly popular helmets, there may be be a whole bunch of graphics on offer over the coming months. So, it’s no surprise that on December 19, 2022, Shoei introduced the X-Fifteen Escalate graphics collection. 

As with the base X-Fifteen, the X-Fifteen Escalate graphics are so far only announced for release in Japan, where they’ll officially become available in March, 2023. A total of five colorways will be offered, in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.  

Gallery: Shoei X-Fifteen Escalate Graphics

The color codes listed on the official Shoei website are TC-1 (red/black), TC-2 (blue/yellow), TC-3 (green/red), TC-4 (black/silver), and TC-5 (blue/red). The pattern used is very modern, with a chevron pattern over the top and a gradient repeating dot design on some sections. MSRP for this helmet is listed as 89,100 yen (tax included), which works out to about $678 as of December 20, 2022. The price is listed as 81,000 yen (or about $616) without tax. 

The Shoei X-Fifteen helmet features a Pinlock and tearoff-ready visor. It also uses vortex generation technology in an attempt to make the interior space quieter for riders wearing this helmet. The fabric inside is a Hygra material, which is both moisture-wicking and quick-drying, as most riders would probably expect in a helmet purchased in 2023.  

Other features of the X-Fifteen include Shoei’s two-stage racing shield lock, for added security when you’re out on track and trying to improve those lap times. It also packs Shoei’s Emergency Quick Release System, which is useful to both first responders and riders in the case of a crash. The idea here is to make it easier for a first responder to get the helmet off without causing further stress to the rider’s neck.  

It’s not clear when or if Shoei plans to release the X-Fifteen in markets outside Japan in the future. For the moment, that’s the only market it has released information about, but since the X-Fourteen is sold around the world, it seems likely the X-Fifteen should follow, in time. As and when we have more information about this or other Shoei helmets, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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