HOP Electric, a manufacturer of electric vehicles based in India, has started distributing its newest electric motorcycle, the HOP OXO, starting with its initial batch of 2,500 units in Jaipur. In a press statement, the business reported that within two months of its launch, the electric motorcycle had attracted more than 10,000 reservations and more than 50,000 expressions of interest via its website.

Rajneesh Singh, Chief Marketing Officer at HOP Electric, provided additional details regarding the business' delivery intentions, stating that in addition to Jaipur, deliveries would soon begin in other states. These include Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and West Bengal among others. The two-wheeler manufacturer claimed in a press release that the introduction of new testing and standards, as well as revisions to the FAME II scheme's regulations, are to blame for the first batch's deliveries falling behind schedule. However, eager clients will soon get their hands on their brand-new electric motorcycles.

Just to recall, all HOP OXO models feature athletic style and some fairly impressive technology, which adds to the allure of their affordable price. A five-inch IP67-rated screen, a 3.75kW battery pack, multimode regen braking, 4G connectivity, and a specialized smartphone app are included. This smartphone application gives users access to features including speed regulation, geo-fencing, an anti-theft device, and ride information. The company claims that the HOP OXO's battery pack has a real-world range of 150 kilometers, or 94 miles, on a single charge and charges from empty to roughly 80 percent capacity in about four hours.

HOP Electric offers the OXO electric motorcycle in two variants—standard and X. The base model costs Rs 125,000, which is equivalent to about $1,566 USD. The price of the more expensive X edition, meanwhile, is set at Rs 140,00, which is almost $1,754 USD. For the Standard model, Eco, Power, and Sport are the possible ride modes. For passing slower traffic or simply to spice up your regular commute, the X has an additional Turbo mode that provides more acceleration. HOP claims that the OXO X can go from zero to 25 miles per hour in four seconds and reach a top speed of 56 miles per hour.

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