There are all kinds of different, interesting series in motorcycle racing. As the premier class, MotoGP is a showcase of top teams and riders from multiple makes and nationalities, all racing at some of the best tracks in the world. As of 2022, a total of eight Ducati machines lined up on the grid—which led to some inevitable grumbling from those on the outside. MotoGP has never been a one-make series, but that’s a veritable sea of red. 

When news broke that GASGAS would field a MotoGP effort in 2023, it was difficult not to wonder if its parent company, Pierer Mobility, might be pursuing its own version of this multi-bike strategy. GASGAS, KTM, and Husqvarna Motorcycles all now nestle together under the Pierer umbrella, where both their production motorcycles and motorsport efforts share platforms. Still, at the end, the constructor points will accrue under two different manufacturers—not one, as is the case with Ducati. 

Fast-forward to November 15, 2022, when KTM officially took a 25.1-percent stake in MV Agusta, and also assumed responsibility for purchasing, supply chain, and worldwide distribution of the brand. This action, of course, generated even more questions, rumors, and speculation. In early December, 2022, German publication Speedweek got the chance to ask Stefan Pierer about the deal—and came away with some interesting insights. 

Two pieces that immediately jump off the page are seemingly intertwined. On one hand, KTM’s young rider training programs have resulted in a surfeit of young talent, all of whom (of course) want to race. While MotoGP racers do eventually retire, most stick around for at least a couple of seasons—and young talent is only going to be so patient. So, Speedweek asked, could a future MV Agusta MotoGP team be in the works? 

“You can’t rule out anything,” Pierer told them. “But if so, then it would be systematic work, like we do with GASGAS.” 

The full interview is well worth your time to read, and also includes some interesting words from PMAG board member Hubert Trunkenpolz. You can read the whole thing at the link in our Sources while you’re daydreaming about what a potential MV Agusta MotoGP livery could look like if it materializes in the future. (To be absolutely clear, as of December 2022, Pierer hasn’t said that it will happen, just that the idea isn’t off the table.) 

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