Like most things in life, we all have our own preferences when it comes to riding shoes. Some of us prefer maximum protection without really paying too much attention to style. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, some urban riders prefer lightweight, breathable riding sneakers that provide just the right amount of protection, but with the look and feel of regular shoes.

Then there are those who want something in the middle—adequate protection with a stylish design. This is where Stylmartin’s newest riding shoes, the Vertigo, comes into play. New for the 2023 collection, the Stylmartin Vertigo is clearly a motorcycle-approved riding boot, combining the styles of a rugged, adventurous boot with modern hiking shoes. You can see it from the thick sole with a heavy tread pattern, as well as in the mid-cut design at the top of the shoe.

Italian Brand Stylmartin Introduces New Vertigo Riding Shoes

Thanks to this technology, the Stylmartin Vertigo is both comfortable and secure, allowing you to have a confident foothold no matter where you stop. Furthermore, its motorcycle-approved design makes itself more evident with the materials Stylmartin has used to construct the Vertigo. On the outside, the shoes are made out of full-grain leather, particularly on the upper portion and the tongue, to provide added abrasion resistance. It has a rear buckle to make wearing and removing the shoe easier, but is otherwise secured by a standard lace-up closure.

On the inside of the shoe, we find a waterproof membrane, suggesting its willingness to keep your feet warm and dry when the weather refuses to cooperate. Other features include D3O protectors on the sides and malleolus to protect against twisting and crushing forces. There are also reinforcements on the top of the shoe to prevent premature wear from shifting gears. All these features garner the Stylmartin Vertigo as PPE certification in accordance with the EN13634:2017 safety standard.

As for pricing and availability, Stylmartin’s Vertigo shoes are reasonably priced at 219 Euros—around $228 USD—considering they’re made out of premium materials, are waterproof, and comply with the latest safety standards. Sizing ranges from 38 to 47, and colors consist of black and brown. Do note that pricing and availability may vary depending on where in the world you ship to.

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