Many urban riders and commuters prefer riding gear that looks good on and off the bike. Unless you plan to pack an extra set of clothes to don once you reach your destination, wardrobe changes can quickly become bothersome and cumbersome. Today's riding jeans and jackets easily toe the line between protective and casual cool.

Motorcycling sneakers are no exception, and Stylmartin’s Matt WP leather sneakers take that blend of safety and style to new levels. With Fall in full swing, it’s time to pack away our mesh jackets and vented trousers. The same goes for perforated riding shoes. As temperatures and precipitation start to fall, riders have to incorporate gear that seals out the elements.

Stylmartin Matt WP Leather Sneakers - On The Bike

On the Bike

Stylmartin Matt WP Leather Sneakers - Off The Bike

Off the Bike

That’s where the Matt WP sneakers step in. Water beads off the hydro-grain leather outer, but Sytlmartin doesn’t rest all its hopes on one line of defense. A waterproof inner membrane provides backup in case of leakage.

Equipped with such repellent materials, one would expect the Matt WP sneakers to retain heat, but the breathable inner membrane and microperforated innersole keep things comfortable. Users can also remove the anatomical, antibacterial sole when necessary.

The sneakers don’t just protect from inclement weather, they also protect in the event of a crash. The inner and outer upper both boast polyurethane malleolus protectors, while the toe boxes benefit from a reinforced shifter pad. A slip-resistant outsole maintains traction even when rain brings oils back to the road’s surface.

Stylmartin also improves the user’s accident prevention with reflective thread woven into laces and reflective inserts at the Clarino heel panel. Thanks to those protective properties, the Matt WP achieves CE certification.

If you enjoy the absence of color, chances are you’ll love the sneaker’s all-black colorway. Retailing for €179 ($199 USD), the Stylmartin Matt WP leather sneaker comes in EU sizes 36-47 (6-14 US). Yes, urban riders and commuters want gear that looks good on and off the bike, but they need season-appropriate gear even more.

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