More summer gear, but this time it’s from one of Japan’s more well-known gearmakers, RS Taichi. Adventure riders, take note, this model’s new for 2022, and it has a ton of features and additions that make sense for summer riding.

Mesh and textile are stitched together in key areas for ventilation. RS Taichi uses its 3D mesh material on the chest, back, and the inside of both arms for maximum ventilation while on any adventure ride. Unfortunately, there are no shells that come with the jacket, but it’s easy enough to take one from another jacket and fit it in with the only catch being that there are no zips sewn in to properly attach a rain or insulating liner. To prevent flapping in the wind, the jacket comes with velcro cinches and snaps that keep things neat and tidy.

Other than that, there are no pockets for a chest protector, but RS Taichi has a different system that uses velcro and snaps to secure either a CE level 1 protector or a CE level 2 protector which are sold separately. On that note, the jacket will come with CE level 2 shoulder and arm protectors. You also have to purchase a proper back protector as well, since the stock insert is foam.

Moving on, the matching pants in this two-piece suit also features RS Taichi’s 3D Mesh along with several adjustment points and armor pieces. The pants come with CE level 1 hip protection, while the knees get CE level 2 armor.

For the jacket, it will run you back about ¥28,380 (tax included), which translates to about $220 USD. Meanwhile, the pants will set you back ¥ 19,800 (tax included), or about $150 USD. Sizes for the jacket range from M to 4XL, and note that RS Taichi’s jackets tend to run small in comparison to American brands. The pants’ size run is M, BM, L, BL, XL, XXL, 3XL. Both products also have women’s sizing: women’s medium and women’s large.

In total, the whole set will cost you about $370 USD to get, and the jacket is available in three colors, namely all black, black with red and gray accents, and finally khaki. The pants, on the other hand, only come in two colors: black and khaki.

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