If the recent heatwave in England is anything to go by, folks in the northern hemisphere are in for quite a hot summer. Now, summer is usually associated with the best motorcycling weather, but sometimes, it can certainly get too hot for comfort. Skimping out on certain pieces of gear may be an effective albeit risky solution to this, so perhaps being smart about the kind of gear you wear is a better solution. 

In the Philippines, where I'm from, ambient temperatures of 38C are pretty much a facet of daily life, so whenever I ride my motorcycle, I'm always clad in mesh gear. Luckily for the folks over in Europe, dozens of manufacturers have released new mesh riding apparel for the 2022 riding season, one of whihc is Clover. The Italian manufacturer has just added the Netstyle 2 to its summer riding collection, and it wants to keep you cool, stylish, and protected while you're out for a ride. 

Clover Wants You To Stay Breezy With The Netstyle 2 Jacket

The jacket primarily has big 3D mesh panels that cover the whole bust, back, and inner arms to enable excellent airflow. The drop zones of the jacket are made from an abrasion and tear resistant Duratek-4 synthetic fabric. Nevertheless, the Netstyle 2 is not just for the warmest summers because it also has a detachable windproof liner that can be worn underneath or on top of the jacket. When not in use, such lining is kept in a pocket in the lower back. The jacket can be adjusted for a perfect fit using the many adjustment tabs. Lastly, four exterior pockets, and an interior pocket offer a tad of everyday convenience to the wearer.

On the safety front, this model has level 2 elbow and shoulder protections, as well as a pouch for back protection. It is also EN 17092-4:2020-certified Class A PPE and furnished with reflective components. With sizes ranging from S to 3XL, Clover offers the Netstyle 2 in three colors: black, gray, and white. As for its pricing, it can be purchased for an appealing 189.90 Euros, which is the equal of $194 USD.

Clover Wants You To Stay Breezy With The Netstyle 2 Jacket
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