In August, 2022, Husqvarna Australia hosted its third annual Husky Trek event. The five-day tour invited 701 Enduro and Norden 901 riders to come experience some of the amazing terrain of Queensland Country, and included important things like mechanical and medical support, as well as GPS tracks, guides, and sweep riders. 

How did it go? If you’re curious about anything to do with the event, or you just want to see a cool adventure film set in Australia on a pack of dozens of 701s and 901s, then you should definitely cue up this video. Along with over 55 Husqvarna riders who signed up for the event, Husqvarna offered plenty of support—including expert adventure and enduro riders Lyndon Poskitt and Jemma Wilson.  

Set largely in and around the Bunya Mountains, there’s so much to see, and every kind of terrain you could want to explore on your sturdy, extremely capable adventure and/or enduro bike. Each of the five days featured hundreds of kilometers of riding, most of which was off-road. Awesome forest roads, logs, single tracks, gravel, dirt, and plenty of serious water crossings formed a complete part of every rider’s diet who participated in the 2022 Husky Trek. 

As always, though, simply writing a list of natural features hardly does the experience justice, does it? There’s also something to be said for the Husky mechanics who were on hand to help tune up the bikes after they’d received their daily thrashings. Even the occasional flat tire or dropped bike is instantly made less bad when you have other riders around to help you, as well. That’s part of the magic of a trip like this, bonding with the other riders around you, who are all sharing in the same experience. 

This marked the first year that Norden 901 owners and their bikes were invited to participate, but they were of course more than up to the task. Naturally, there were some differences, which at least one rider pointed out. The 701s are quite good at navigating tough off-road terrain, as are the 901s—but of course, on the faster parts, the 901s can basically walk away from the 701s if they want. Still, everyone seemed to be having a good time and enjoying the entire experience, which is what an event like this is all about. 

While the pack of bikes was cool, of course the natural beauty of Queensland was on full display as well. From muddy ruts to emerald forests, from dirt tracks to waving fields of tall, sun-bleached grasses at the end of winter, there’s a lot to love if you take inspiration from time spent outdoors. Each night, the group gathered back at their accommodation, ready to decompress with a welcoming fire, food, drinks, and great company. What could possibly be better than that? 

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