Ever since 2012, Mumbai has hosted the Valley Run, a weekend just for drag racing enthusiasts—on two wheels and four. In 2022, over 700 participants gathered to share their love of high-octane excitement, and to both race and appreciate the wide array of vehicles that came to prove their quickness against the clock. 

The Valley Run 2022 event is also where TVS Racing debuted its specially drag-tuned, turbocharged Apache RR 310, in the hands of famed Indian motorcycle racer Jagan Kumar. With that talented racer piloting the bike, the TVS Apache RR 310 set a new quarter-mile record. The time: 11.5 seconds, from a standing start. Kumar’s teammate, K Y Ahamad, managed an 11.9 second time.  

What kinds of modifications did TVS Racing perform to amp up the performance potential of this particular RR 310? Apart from the electronically-controlled turbocharger, the engine now packs a titanium connecting rod, as well as titanium valves. The piston is also a forged unit, which makes it both lighter in weight and also stronger than the stock one.  

To reduce weight—and thereby improve this racing RR 310’s power-to-weight ratio—TVS Racing swapped the stock wheels for carbon fiber ones, instead. They also opted to switch out the stock bodywork and subframe for some lighter-weight carbon fiber alternatives, instead. According to TVS, that makes this race-prepped Apache RR 310 a full 37 percent lighter than the stock version.  

What does that mean? The stock TVS Apache RR 310 tips the scales at 174 kilograms (about 383.6 pounds) at the curb. Doing a little quick math, that means that a 37 percent weight reduction would bring the drag race-tuned one down to a svelte 109.62 kg—or just under 242 pounds.  

Other changes that TVS Racing implemented included a reduction in ride height, in order to lower the center of gravity. The team also added an extended swingarm—a popular drag bike modification—in order to increase the wheelbase and help mitigate wheelies a bit better on its speed runs. Additional modifications included the addition of a quickshifter, as well as wiring in some launch control. 

Besides the impressive new quarter-mile record, Kumar also achieved a top speed of 195 kilometers per hour (about 121 mph) on the race-prepped Apache DR-Turbo. Congratulations to Kumar, and also to TVS Racing on this great accomplishment! 

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