When it comes to designing electric motorcycles and scooters, most manufacturers focus on power pack capacity, swappable battery technology, or fast-charging capabilities. However, VMoto identified a void in e-mobility development—aerodynamics. After partnering with celebrated Italian design firm Pininfarina to realize such a project, the parties rolled out one of the most radical concepts to hit EICMA’s showroom floor.

Still attached to its pennant-shaped base, the sculpture only alludes to the inclusion of two wheels, with the resulting silhouette resembling a futuristic jet ski. This fluid form is what VMoto prizes, as the collaborative effort aims to achieve range-maximizing results by minimizing drag coefficients.

“The need to introduce new concepts of aerodynamics to service and support technologies already in use is an obligatory choice to achieve maximum performance,” proclaimed VMoto CMO Graziano Milone. “To succeed we needed to identify a partner of great experience and authoritative technical ability. The decision to entrust this project to Pininfarina was a natural choice.”

Gallery: VMoto x Pininfarina Concept

VMoto set out to optimize the “stability of engine performance, exploiting the wind to control its temperature, to the benefit of battery autonomy.” While Pininfarina’s concept certainly turns heads, it’s difficult to determine if it achieves the brief. In current form, the project seems more like a design exercise than a prototype for a potential production model.

Still, this is just the first of VMoto and Pininfarina’s joint ventures. We'll see where the two companies apply aerodynamic design to the electric mobility market in the future.

“In VMoto, we have found a partner capable of better understanding the potential of the combination of design and innovation, with particular and original attention to aerodynamic research,” noted Pininfarina SVP of Sales & Marketing Giuseppe Bonollo. “Our natural predisposition for sustainable mobility solutions has further favored the synergy between our multidisciplinary skills and VMoto's solid experience in the development of high-quality electric vehicles. We have worked together on a concept that has the ambition to innovate electric mobility on two wheels.”

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