Many small companies in Europe are doing their part in accelerating the electric shift. For example, in France, a company called Zeway has been working on building its presence in the market, particularly in electric scooters and mopeds. By having a single battery type used across its model range, Zeway focuses on infrastructure, as well as the products themselves, offering a more convenient way to keep the wheels turning.

More specifically, the company teamed up with a variety of local brands and establishments in France to put up charging stations. As such, branches of Monoprix stores, Esso service stations and BNP banks in Paris and surrounding suburbs have charging stations. With a network of charging stations already established and growing, Zeway is now adding to its lineup of electric two-wheelers. The SwapperX+ was its first 125cc-equivalent electric scooter, and now, the brand enters the three-wheeled scooter space with the SwapperTriango+.

Zeway Introduces The SwapperTriango+ Electric Three-Wheeler In France

Three wheeled scooters are pretty popular in France, as they offer extra stability with the urban mobility of a scooter. Making them electric adds to their attractiveness, and this is what Zeway hopes to do with the SwapperTriango+. Recently unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, the SwapperTriango+ is equipped with an electric motor that propels the three-wheeler to a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour, or around 50 miles per hour. On top of that, its instantaneous torque means a zero to 28 mile-per-hour time of five seconds. Not exactly blisteringly fast, but quick enough to make your daily commute and errand-running duties a tad more exciting.

What’s more is that Zeway claims a range of 60 kilometers, or 38 miles on a single charge, with batteries being easily swapped out in any of the previously mentioned terminals. As for the trike’s underpinnings, it gets a combined front and rear braking system, and rolls on 14-inch wheels. Tipping the scales at 106 kilograms, the built-in reverse feature will surely come in handy when parking. As for availability, Zeway is offering the SwapperTriango+ in a subscription package amounting to 205 Euros ($203 USD) per month with unlimited mileage, comprehensive insurance, and access to battery charging and swapping stations.

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